5 Cool Camping Tips and Tricks – “Tip Of The Week” Ep. 21

Intense Angler’s “Tip Of The Week”, Episode 21.

A quick compilation of camping, backpacking, and outdoor related tips and tricks. I’ve used these little tricks over the years while camping and have wanted to share some of them for awhile… they’re just a bit too “small” to dedicate a full video to each of them.

So after a little debate, I decided to compile them into a quick series for a full length TOTW video. The 5 tips and tricks covered here run the gamut from: Instant relief from the itch of mosquito bites, to how to keep the ice in your cooler longer without the usual soggy mess, to a simple trick to avoid tripping over your tent or tarp’s guy-lines. There’s really nothing earth shattering in any of these tips, but I hope that one or two of them may be useful to some of you…

About “Tip Of The Week”: This is a weekly series being share a wide-ranging outdoor centered tips, tricks, ideas, and “how-to'” videos in a short, concise, and to-the-point manner. They post new episodes every Friday (as there interest dictates).


Battlefield Friends – Campers When the Noob is nowhere to be found he has probably gone camping.

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  1. ElasticViper says:

    I’m so glad I found this channel!

  2. TheEngineer AnAs says:

    tip:bring a tent made out of good material not the polestar kind

  3. JeevesReturns says:

    Great vid! The foil tip could have saved my pride a couple of times.

  4. ripedreality says:

    I would.

  5. conner watson says:

    if your camping why would you need a ipod i can see a phon for emergencys but not the ipod ipod speakers laptop
    and take a lamenated paper map and who would take there laptop wilst they are exploring the wild

  6. FawazALShehab says:

    never go camping alone if its your first time!!

  7. Kevin Provost says:

    use dryer lint to help start the fire

  8. pubesicle says:

    Love the bread bag clip idea, thank you, I’m going to give it a try.

  9. mychannelvic says:

    Lucky are those people with “bitter blood”… mosquitoes don’t like them. Search for “mahoni seeds” on google images, they have brown outer shells, ground the inside, fill gelatin capsules with them. After a few days on consuming that they won’t come near you.

  10. MannyMaldonado137 says:

    Manny137 I noticed your pot is black from the fire heres the tip If you apply soap to it before you cook it cleans up easily

  11. kenychowsf says:

    Awesome thanks

  12. ir2wicked says:

    Side Tip: Booze can make this situation much more tolerable, and definately help with that last part.

  13. GhostSimmons says:

    when it come to lifting hot objects out of the fire i found the best and safest means of removing the object from the fire use a pair of metal tongs with a heat resistant/wood/rubber handles. You can pick them up from most supermarkets.

  14. Wiredguy12345678910 says:

    Camping tip: always bring duct tape for fixing a Leakey water bottle,clothes line,lint remover,fix a broke fire stick,fly catcher.

  15. Wiredguy12345678910 says:


  16. Wiredguy12345678910 says:

    Camping tips:always bring duct tape for clothes line,fixing a Leakey water bi

  17. Wiredguy12345678910 says:

    Camping tip: always bring a day pack,toilet kit, plactic bags,lantern/candle,camping stove,repair,dented floss

  18. laopiniondediego says:

    great video man, greetings from mexico

  19. mr6johnclark says:

    God the noobs are multiplying!

  20. goreegousest says:

    he must be a noob

  21. BowtieGuy1975 says:

    Almost pissed my pants!!! They’re getting teabagged and trolled almost the whole episode!!! XD

  22. James Grose says:

    OMG I laugh like the beginning when I’m sniping!

  23. MrGargamel1198 says:

    I’m pretty sure he is joking.

  24. Eric Lundquist says:

    Hahaha newer stop, you are awesome I love it… keep up the good work.

  25. AssassinRecruit says:

    One C4 can still eliminate an entire group of enemies in BF3. The extra C4 just gave it more “boom.”

  26. wewhitt says:

    This would be worse than getting caught sneaking up on someone to knife them .. IMHO.

  27. wewhitt says:

    Same guys .. 😉

  28. wewhitt says:

    I think they are in contract with Machinima to release to them a week before they are allowed to post on their channel …. something like that. Machinima always gets it first – and its like 7 days later to the date that Hank and Jed will post their own stuff. I’m sure it’s mutually beneficial – I don’t claim to know this for fact – but it seems like it to me.

  29. mrdomomrdomo says:

    Are these the guys from doraleous and associates?

  30. J hart says:

    well that was a win for the other noob.

  31. yagr sohn says:

    lol we used all our ammo and it only toke 2 noobs and some c4 to take out a full team lmao

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