Did I somehow violate "THE CODE OF THE WOODS"?

Question by Newell: Did I somehow violate “THE CODE OF THE WOODS”?
I have a friend who considers himself THE WOODSMAN. We go hiking and backpacking overnight in the Angeles National Forest. He gets a real psychological boost out of the fact that I know nothing about the outdoors, and he REALLY loves telling me how to do every little thing. “Don’t wear ONE pair of socks, wear two, so they rub against each other, and don’t cause blisters.” “Wool is warm, even when it is wet.” “Always have a water filter with you to protect against Giardia.” He is like that ALL DAY LONG. Normally, I just play along. “Gee Matt, you know so much.” “Wow, Matt, I never would have thought of that.” “Matt, I can’t believe that you know SO MUCH about camping.” I just go with the flow, and we are all the happier for it.

But apparently, I CROSSED A LINE. Last weekend, we went for an over night hike. Then he saw me pull out a soda can of Diet Coke. He lost it. Totally flipped out. Went over to my day pack and went through it, and found five more cans. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! DON’T YOU KNOW YOU DON’T BRING SODA ON A CAMPING TRIP? WE COME HERE TO GET AWAY FROM ALL THAT? YOU BRING TEA OR SUGAR, OR RICE OR STUFF LIKE THAT! YOU DON’T COME UP HERE TO BRING ALL YOUR PROCESSED FOODS!” Ay, ay, ay. . Was this just HIM or do all campers/hunters/outdoor nuts feel the same way about taking soda on a camping trip? He really got upset. I got a lecture on violating the code of the woods, and people like me are just awful and I would drag along a TV set and a generator if I could. He sort of hurt my feelings. Is this a normal reaction, or is he just strange?
I am stuck with the guy. Due to his job, he has access to the forest I could never get on my own.
Arc Angel

Two guys cannot sleep in one sleeping bag.

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Answer by wana bigger bike
soda is my main camping drink… since im not 21… yea we take coffe milk and tea if we are in the trailer but soda is what we mainly drink.

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    1. Canetoadie Wales says:

      Boy, you violated them there “Codes of the woods” when you exited yo’ momma’s tooth-ed vajay-jay.

      Aw snap, oh noe I di-int’…

    2. Mountain Man says:

      Um, I bring diet coke for to mix with my Seagrams VO, and some times beer though I’m not much of a beer drinker in my old age….gives me a head ache and I feel bloated…..I bring paper plates and some times canned chili Nalleys is the best I think ….Now thats just road camping…If I have to hike in a ways then its hard tack and jerky and coffee…….gotta have my coffee….Oh maybe a flask of Carolines for the coffee in the morning…..; ))

    3. Jumpin' Joey says:

      not smart, you could get dehydrated and die.

    4. John de Witt says:

      I don’t think I’m telling you anything to surprise you when I say that there’s a general feeling among contributors to this site that you’re pretty strange yourself. That said, I can see why you’d pal up with him: he’s right there with you in the “strange” department.

    5. Michael says:

      He’s just strange. . .

      If he is truly worried about all that processed stuff, then he should be out in the woods in nothing but an animal skin. He should be eating whatever he can catch and drinking whatever he can make out of berries, roots, and tree bark. Tea, sugar, and rice are all processed to some degree. I’ll bet he starts his fires with a match or lighter instead of a flint.

    6. 2 much ink says:

      yes he is definitely a bit over reactive. i would find a new guide

    7. Baboon Buffoon says:

      To answer your question yes he over-reacted. The “code of the woods” is leave the site the same as, if not better than, you found it.

      Now to prevent a future outburst, pour your drink of choice into a metal canteen to hide its true contents and tell your buddy it is merely water.

      Not to push your buttons, but you are just a wee little bit strange yourself though, so I can sort of see why you and this guy go together.

    8. Heywood says:

      Boy… let me tell you… you violated codes that ain’t even been dreamed up yet…. you’re a walking “code” violation. Hey… you asked… I just answered.

    9. Glacierwolf says:

      The #1 problem hikers, hunters, and people in a survival situation have is dehydration.

      I have a hard time drinking bottled water. Too bland. Too tasteless. I never drink enough and always end up partially dehydrated and with a mild headache. If I brink a can of soda or two – I can usually chug all the water I should and know I have a ‘reward’ coming at the end of the day.

      What ever it takes to stay hydrated is cool. No code violation.

      Your friend is just dilusional thinking that going into the woods for a day or two is communing with nature. If he went in around May and came out in August – I could understand it. But somone who just day trips? Nope. He as issues. Or may have watched Avitar too many times.

    10. desiree says:

      As long as you take out of the woods what you brought in theres no broken codes here

      Your friend is a KIA (Know It All)… so annoying

    11. JOSH 2.0 says:

      As long as you pack it in, pack out the cans, and don’t get dehydrated in the process I see no problems with it. If diet Coke is your drink, fine by me.

      I think I would have been more aggravated if I were in your situation instead of feeling hurt.

      Possibly find a better hiking buddy. At least that’s what I would do. I go outdoors to get away from people like that.

    12. Arc Angel says:

      Just out of curiosity, do you guys share the same sleeping bag?

    13. Straight Westcoastin' says:

      Who is this guy, some kind of nature hipster? For Chrissake it’s not like you went to Germany during Oktoberfest and celebrated at McDonald’s…

      This land is your land, this land is my land. Drink whatever you want man, just don’t litter.

    14. ishootbirds2 says:

      the only code of the woods I know of is not to litter the woods or accidentally burn the place down. In Angels National Forest burning the place down is something to really watch out for. its pretty dry.

      your friends is just nuts.

    15. Al says:

      Yup, Joe Bober is back…just wait for the “ethical” questions…

    16. Cane Toad Mutiny says:

      Your “friend” over reacted. It also sounds as if he has some ego issues, as in, it’s his way or the highway. If it was me, I’d find a new guide to hike with.

    17. Amy says:

      I dont think you violated the code of the woods, I see where your freind is coming from, but pop is somthing that is portable and can be put into lunch bags and carryed where ever. You should definatly have water though. I mean my ideal lunch sack would be a summer sausage sandwhich, some pop, and whatever else. I can see if you brought a michealina’s dinenr and a bottle of arizona green tea. haha. but pop, its the drink of hunters that dont drink beer. [not that all hunters drink beer, but allot of us like it} Put your pop in a thermos if it continues to bother himm.

    18. Weston says:

      Bringing a can of soda is fine but did you really need a 6 pack of soda? Beer maybe. There is easier ways to get diabeetus ask Wilford Brimley.

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