External frame backpack for kayak camping?

Question by darylann: External frame backpack for kayak camping?
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I’m planning several kayak camping adventures this summer, from overnight to about 4-5 days. There will be some portaging involved, and I saw somewhere how an external frame backpack can be utilized cleverly to portage a kayak above your head with minimal strain to shoulders and back. But I’m wondering how cumbersome such a backpack would be to stash inside the kayak while paddling. I’ll be padding to different locations each day, so don’t have the option of just leaving it behind at camp for the day. I’ll be solo mostly, so need to make sure I’m planning for the most efficient way to travel & pack. Should I consider buying an external frame backpack? Suggestions?

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Answer by Troy
On most kayaks you won’t be able to carry an external frame pack. I’m guessing that you don’t have a kayak yet, take a look at the one that you will be using and see what it has in the way of storage room.

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