camping sloganCollection of Camp Slogan That I’ve gathered:

  • “Get off your butt and into a hut”
  • “What Happens at Camp Stays at Camp”
  • “Camp Learn-a-lot”
  • “Strength through Joy”
  • “Because Outside is the New Inside”
  • “Forget the Box, just Think Outside”
  • “We have a Playstation Tree”
  • “Hugs not Bugs”
  • “The Outside is the new Inside”
  • “Eat. Sleep. Camp.”
  • “Everything is better in a tent!”
  • “Tree’s Company”
  • “Camping is in-tents!”
  • “One nation under the stars”
  • “We’ve got lines of Pines and Ash for days”
  • “045 days without a Grizzly related fatality!”
  • “Where the mosquitos are like little puppies, except that they fly and suck your blood”
  • “Come sleep with Mother Nature”
  • “We don’t ask and we don’t tell”
  • “Be One with the Outdoors”
  • “Out Yourself!”
  • “If you can read this, please put me back on my camping chair.”
  • “The Woods:now in HD”
  • “where the trees bark and the horses fly”
  • “You’ve Got Malaria!”


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  1. oldhippypaul says:

    Strength through Joy. The perfect slogan for a Summer camp as far as I am concerned.

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