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Question by : Summer bucket list!!!?
It’s SUMMEEERRRR! finally!! lol, so yea now that it’s summer I’m making a summer bucket list, I’ve kinda been working on it for awhile but I’m trying to get to 100 and I have 62. It may seem kind of stupid but these are things I want to do. So far I have:
1. Skinny dip with my friends
2. Jump off a waterfall
3. Get bellybutton pierced
4. Streaking
5. Have a huge food fight
5. Flour bombing fight
6. Catch fireflies in a jar
7. Play tag in the rain
8. Pull all-nighters
9. Etch names into a tree
10. Sleep on the trampoline
11. Stay in relatively good shape
12. Truth or dare, no limits
13. Epic sandwich day
14. Watch a sunrise on a roof
15. Go strawberry picking
16. Silly string fight
17. (I backspaced this one, make that 61 things)
18. Have a panic attack on (name of huge rollercoaster at the amusement park I go to)
19. Get 3rd ear piercing
20. Have first kiss
21. Swim at midnight
22. Play flashlight tag all night
23. Go to Great Wolf Lodge with friends
24. Make videos and put them on YouTube
25. Sleepover at a hotel
26. Whipped cream war
27. Midnight movie premiere
28. Fry an egg on the pavement
29. Try fried candy bars
30. Build a tree house
31. Ride in a hot air balloon
32. Freeze a water balloon and peel off the balloon part
33. Go on a date with my best friend as a couple
34. Scary movie marathon
35. Finger paint an entire canvas
36. Tan with different shaped stickers on my skin
37. Go movie hopping
38. Have a tea party
39. Make juice & soda popsicles
40. Have a birthday party for my dog
41. Make monster waffles
42. Dye ends of hair with Kool-Aid
43. Make bath bombs
44. Make ice cream
45. Do bunjee jump at (amusement park I go to)
46. Have a ‘who can get the tannest’ contest
47. Make a root beer float
48. Have a picnic
49. Redo room
50. Make a huge collage on wall
51. Sled down a flight of stairs on a mattress
52. Cook food at an outdoor fire
53. Milk a cow
54. Find different things to blow bubbles with
55. Make a lemonade stand
56. Slip ‘n Slide
57. Go to a vintage/antique store
58. Grow a vegetable garden
59. Plant an apple seed
60. Grow a fruit garden
61. Puff paint t-shirts
62. Get a ton of balloons and send them all up into the sky to remember people
And that’s all so far. I’m in my early teens so nothing illegal or stupid, but also not “read a book” or “go swimming.” Also please no “kayaking, hiking, camping” because I don’t live in a woodsy area for that stuff.
nice! I love the tie dying white shorts idea (:
uhmm no, a lot of people make summer bucket lists.

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Answer by horsesRlife
63. Lay on your back and watch clouds
64. Tye-dye white shorts (: loooove it
65. Scavenger hunt at the mall or a store
66. Learn how to play a song on the water glasses
67. Make a tent in your living room
68. Lay out on the sun for a couple hrs with your hand on a random spot on your body, and see what happens (:
69. Shave your eyebrow
70. Make really obnoxious noises in a quiet place
71. Try a new laugh
72. Throw a catwalk at your house
73. Make popsicles out of kool-aid
74. Draw with chalk on your driveway
75. Fluffy bunny… and win
76. Volunteer at the human society/vet for a day
77. Fried twinkies and fried oreos… yummm
78. Paint your bedroom wall
79. Make a scrapbook

aaaand that’s all i can think of. sorry if some of them are stupid, or if some are repeated. but that’s what i do doing the summer. lol have funn 🙂 and tell me what #s you like

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  1. Jonathan Pearson says:

    Ok not to be that guy that doesent ansere the question….are you dyeing? becuase that is what a bucket list is.
    I would suggest paintball

  2. Sarah Emm says:

    Your list sounds really fun, and I actually have some of the same things!
    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, for some more ideas (:
    Happy Summer!

  3. Claire says:

    23!!!! YOU HAVE TO GO TO GWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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