MONSTER Wild Boar Hunt in Hungary

Ian Harford is out on the trail of giant trophy wild boar with Wonderhart Hunting in Hungary – home of the worlds biggest trophy keilers. Armed with his favourite Ruger M77 Hawkeye All Weather in .30-06 and new Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56T* the pigs don’t stand a chance – or do they…

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  1. vo2mex says:

    Yes and when you go to war, do the same, fight with your hands not guns and rockets. Dude…..we live in a different age now

  2. Slaunyeh71 says:

    I m always impressed how suckers are proud of firearm hunting.
    Want to impress someone do it as in old times. Bow and spear.
    If you arent, your a weakling.

  3. isnnochnnamefrei says:

    I always wonder how small your penis has to be to go hunting… disgusting people

  4. MrTzafar says:

    The day the Spartans saw for the first time bows and arrows said:
    Today manhood died!!!

  5. VxO4fame says:

    So no there are crocodolies who could kill deers? What you are telling me is there is no evolution or balance? There are speccies which lean on massive reproduction if they are under stress(example getting hunted). Example in europe foxes were hunted a lot in the 80s/90s while there hunting leaded to make the speccies more reproductive leaving the female early because of the stress and getting another one. I mean as long as hunting is for the good of food then i dont have a problem with it.

  6. olgav739 says:

    Estupidos pendejos, matan a los pobres animales y no se los tragan!

  7. clownys says:

    you have to eat them or you just made this wrong don’t kill unless you eat it or other reasons but killing to show off a gun is not good (but i don’t know weather you ate them or not ?)

  8. superacer1 says:

    you can answer the question or you can duck and dodge.. it’s all up to you.

  9. fxxxpxxx says:

    pezzo di merda adare a caccia con un fucile di precisione a cannochiale bastardo!!

  10. Anc1entOriginZz says:

    Nice video but as you say the hooks can be quite dangerous to the dogs, we were pig hunting last year and we caught big bara ( boar without balls or ears) and he gave our dogs a hiding not to mention the tusks were probably nearly twice as large as them ones :/

  11. hulkmaedchen says:

    Why don’t fight the boars just with blank hands?
    Hunting ist nothing else than murdering innocent animals, done by armed pussy’s and geriatric alcololics.

  12. phocjame says:

    And a non sequitur too, you’re really experienced in this – I can tell.

  13. keanoman1000 says:

    its harder shootin pigeons, what a tosser, why dont you shoot them little un’s,

  14. FENYXYX says:

    kurva szar, mint ők, hogy a gyönyörű állatok, hogy Isten teremtette az Úr, de eljön a nap, amikor bíróságokat nem meglepve, ha reinkarnálódott egy vaddisznó. Isten bocsásson meg nekik.

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