NcStar Crossbow & with Scope (CS)

NcStar Crossbow with Scope (CS)

  • Five-pound youth crossbow has 100-pound draw weight and 200-foot effective range, and convenient built-in compass
  • 4×20 scope with 20-millimeter multi-coated lens
  • Also comes with ten 6.25-inch arrows, ten three-inch darts, four seven-inch retrieval arrows, and two retrieval reels
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Crossbow With ScopeStrong Steel Cable Bow with Brass PulleysWeight 56.6 oz.Includes 10 Long Arrows , 10 Short Arrows, and Arrow Retrieving Kit with String Spool & 4 Retrieving ArrowsThe NcSTAR junior crossbow with 4×20 scope is a durable, affordable way to introduce aspiring archers to the excitement of a crossbow. The lightweight, five-pound bow has a 100-pound draw weight and 200-foot effective range, fast loading and recovery, and a convenient built-in compass. What’s in the box?
NcSTAR crossbow 4×20 scope with 20-millimeter multi-coated lens Ten 6.25-inch arrows Ten three-inch darts Four seven-inch retrieval arrows Two retrieval reels Lifetime Warranty
This NcSTAR product includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. About NcSTAR
Founded in 1997, NcSTAR’s mission is to consistently provide reasonably priced, quality optics with innovative design. NcSTAR optics are built to high quality control standards, and are

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  1. Mitchell J. Snyder says:

    i bought this little crossbow just for fun, and maybe to teach the nieces and nephew about shooting and safe weapons handling when they are ready.

    before the first time that i shot the thing i noticed that the rear open site was cheaply made, after a few shots i gave up on the idea of using open sites due to the fact that every shot would change zero. so if you get it just remove the rear site and go all scope. it did preform fairly well once i got the little 4×20 air gun scope zeroed.

    when i got done shooting it for the first time i dissembled it for storage in its original box
    leaving the scope on it in hopes of not having to re-zero it, alas it was a moot point, as when i took it out of the box two weeks later the prod (bow part) had a crack right down the middle and would not be terably safe to atempt to shoot.
    i’ll try to track down a new prod if the price is right.

    another minor gripe. on the right hand side there is inlayed a small what i would call a “that-a-way” compass. these uesualy have a small amount of liquid inside, however this one was dry, and pointed no where near north. they arnt realy good for navigation at the best of times and in this instance completly useless.

    i didnt expect much when i ordered, but even those low expectations were optimistic

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