Bass Fishing Tips – Lucky Craft Pro Staff

Gerald Swindle talks about fall fishing with the Lucky Craft LV 100. This lipless crankbait footage is archive footage from the Classic Patterns TV Show.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. BowandBass97 says:

    Pfluger president spinning

  2. BowandBass97 says:

    @freshtosaltfisherman get you a 6 6 ugly stick with a plunger president it will do it all

  3. TheNoonan1010 says:

    did ge fart at the beggining?

  4. freshtosaltfishermen says:

    Im new to bass fishing and was looking for a rod that I can use for every lure in my tackle box. All the rods I have seen are for a specific lure(crank bait, finnese, etc)?

  5. Chris1gp says:

    The best fisherman are NOT on television, the only reason why these guys are on tv is cos of sponsorships & competitions come try me i bet id kick most of these so called pros arses!

  6. omg122448 says:

    I caught one almost as big as the first one when I started. I was using a lizard lour with an 8 foot surf casting rod. Half the time the line was in the trees. This is making me pumped for my next fishing trip.

  7. omg122448 says:

    I think so

  8. trophyfisher13 says:

    i was lookin at lucky craft baits at gander mountain and a 2″ deep diver was listed $15!!

  9. Beefer413 says:

    You can buy LC lures for $3 at bustin bass baits site.

  10. FirefighterEMT804 says:


  11. bushlight1 says:

    LOL ! Yep.

  12. Youngman104 says:

    yo G-Man your the man

  13. craftbeerlover87 says:

    sure sounds like it!!!

  14. Surviveoutdoors2012 says:

    I have some bait your not going to believe!

  15. iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa says:

    Why dont fish flip and freak out when pros pull them in the boat ? Here in alabama when you catch bass its all you can do yo keep em still lol you can barely hold them with your hands they just flip out of your hands … hy are they like that ?

  16. 1337charlie says:

    what lb test?

  17. cosmokid34 says:

    I think so lol

  18. plywood75 says:

    I heard him fart. thats great. you love what you do you just dont care.

  19. GrumpyMcBowel says:

    Holy shit

  20. MrNubeTube says:

    its not the baits fault its the person running the bait

  21. MrNinjaBricks says:

    do you only catch bass

  22. BassFishingOnly says:

    57 ibs in one day on Champlain… i dont think so

  23. MrDjiskool says:

    is the loch monster real on their?

  24. millertime6888 says:

    I know right you would think a tournament style game mode some developer out there would realize multiplayer online would work great. The one thing I like about this game is the reel handle is interchangeable left or right, all the previous games it was on the left only. As for gameplay it’s okay not great though.

  25. Micja97 says:

    is this game for pc ?

  26. thiaaof says:


  27. thisthatandthat says:

    Why is it so hard for someone to get espn, b.a.s.s., the pros, the equipment companies ect. And make a “realistic” tourney fishing game? This and “The Strike” are steps in the right direction, but both are limited to a somewhat generic level, rapala is awesome love the baits in real life, but theres more fish in the sea literally. I do not want to earn money by casting challenges, nor do i want to spend my in game winnings on only one bait company, fish finders should be upgradable ect ect ect.

  28. Senchea Victor says:

    It’s Online??

  29. IlC4RL0SIl says:

    the game killer for me is the no option to change view from underwater to 3rd person perspective . I prefer 3rd person cause its more exciting to catch something and not knowing what you caught right until you reel it in

  30. madmatt32192 says:

    is there topwater baits?

  31. superwildchild100 says:

    oh man! u can catch carp eels, snakehead, muskie, catfish, perch, sturgeon, pike,. im not even half way through!

  32. PS3rapesXBOX360 says:

    someone answer me please can you fish only bass or can you fish other fish

  33. AIRMAX291 says:

    not bad….

  34. EasyRecipesHQ says:

    good stuff

  35. LOOOL58 says:

    can i do free fishing?

  36. nerfpower says:

    you kindof suck a setting hooks

  37. masterknaster says:

    lol they actually mentioned “champ”!!!! Imagine catching that.

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