Beach Shark Fishing

This is great footage that I got from the moment the shark grabbed the bait til me landing it. GEAR USED: Bait Used — Barracuda Hook — 10/0 Owner Super Mutu Leader — 480lb 49-strand Stainless Steel Cable Leader Length — 7′ Swivels — 500lb 3-way Crane & 300lb barrel swivel Reel — Fin-Nor OS9500ss Line — 65lb Power Pro Rod — 13ft Breakaway HDX Surf Rod Visit our website: SPONSORS:

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  1. cheynan says:

    KingSizeCatch Brought Me Here!!, They Have The Latest In Fishing, Hunting, and Hot Chicks!!! Check em out or just search them on google!!

  2. BlacktipH says:

    I like the blank, but the components are very cheap. I had Barrett rods rebuild my HDX with high quality components.

  3. Nigel Toudouze says:

    how do you like the breakaway hdx? how far can you cast with it? pros cons?

  4. BlacktipH says:

    When I am casting, I use a 6oz pyramid sinker.

  5. ThEwarpedMichalik says:

    I noticed in ur videos with the surf rod and fin nor, that when you say u kayak the bait out, I don’t see the sinker when you land the fish, do you, and if you do, is it a heavier sinker?

  6. BlacktipH says:

    He’s not my dad, he is my friend.

  7. fishtaco1974 says:

    Lol your dad is funny. No bad words Howard. Your a better kid then me cuz I would have told Dad #@# shut up and keep filming

  8. agentx4575 says:

    7:52 Bottom right, good fapping material.

  9. btktoons says:

    no ballz?

  10. BlacktipH says:

    It was a blacktip shark.

  11. BlacktipH says:

    Hard work.

  12. BlacktipH says:

    In this video I casted the bait.

  13. Ozzy88crews07 says:

    How did you get the bait So far out did you throw that or kayak?

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