Learn How to Fish Bird Style

This youtube video is about this small but clever fishing bird in a lake. This small bird use a bread fishing techniques as its bait and after several attempts and little fine tuning with the small scrap of bread, the bird got its awesome price.

He got the fish.

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  1. Tibor Farkas says:

    Na ez nem semmi volt..Horgászó madár.. 😀

  2. hal9khal says:

    bread for fish, good trade

  3. Ashok Babu says:

    Throwing small fish to catch big fish.

  4. Dmigai says:

    не хрена себе, да, не только вороны умны..

  5. PL4Y1991 says:

    سبحان الله العظيم

  6. Trinbagodreamer says:

    okay i’m confused what is there to dislike nature?

  7. PaperBoy PaperPuppet says:

    very good birdy

  8. OutWalkingtheDogNYC says:

    This is astonishing! Where was the video filmed? Has the heron been seen doing this on other occasions?

  9. ppviking1 says:

    Because the fish has protein and oils and more calories than a piece of soggy bread.

  10. mhydnnb1125 says:


  11. souslicer says:


  12. ypayfomydope1 says:

    very tricky

  13. Jenna Dillinger says:

    very clever bird

  14. P vongsaikham says:

    unbelievable a wildbird

  15. Abdullah AL-Malki says:

    الله أكبر

  16. Arthur Grechko says:


  17. S4uryk says:

    Perfect brain!

  18. bob stipe says:

    Lobe green herons. That’s why they’re called “fishing birds”.

  19. NikosSalepis says:

    Καταπληκτικό βίντεο Μπράβο!!!

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