Motivational ProBass Fisherman

Clay Dyer was born with no left arm, a partial right arm and no legs, yet he’s able to fish, joined professional bass tournaments and making a living doing it.

Clay’s story is one that will shock, be amaze and of course inspire you at the same time. In this youtube video, Clay will shows you how he ties a lure with no hands; and how he is able to write and even how to throw a football.

This is truly inspirational.

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  1. master bilbo says:

    we take so much 4 granite, god bless this fisherman and his passion and hardship, may he catch the biggest fish thru the biggest obstacales

  2. master bilbo says:

    whoz the dick that diseliked this? musta been someone who ment to click the like button

  3. AudioTechnica35 says:

    Never give up!

  4. Austin Pritchett says:

    This guy came to my school today.

  5. Himanshu Jagtap says:

    Many Thanks to Jad T Jones!

  6. dragonxster says:

    i just saw the rest of this video and it shows me how thanful we should be for how easy it is for us to fish and he has to do all this just to fish.

  7. dragonxster says:

    this made me laugh but was also sad.

  8. Marcus donkor says:

    Thanks Jad for directing me here

  9. MrDomsmusic says:

    thanks for directing me here Jad

  10. mj farro says:

    i think he is so persistence.

  11. mj farro says:

    nice of him jad

  12. solda4real says:

    Only God, God comes first, Always remember to have faith in God, faith in yourself.. He’s right, He’s a hero

  13. ArmaniDaBoss94 says:

    He is amazing. I feel inspired now.

  14. fr3eman1 says:

    I’m speechless….

  15. Brad Guenther says:

    @Jad T Jones I event to your channel and saw this video

  16. impatientfire says:

    Wow, what a hero.

  17. MadMarcusProductionz says:

    Wow! I would of gave up a LONG time ago.

  18. Atman94 says:

    Thank you ,thank you ,thank you.You kind sir taught me just now that everything is possible if you truly dedicate yourself to living your dreams ! :)…Much respect from Romania !

  19. Darko Jocic says:

    Jad T Jones!

  20. BlackhawkU9 says:

    Try to make more tips videos like the high school one we suggested instead of sharing stuff that won’t really help that much… just saying..

  21. Jad T Jones says:

    Massive Respect. Here my friends is a REAL MAN

  22. R.J. R says:

    Now that takes heart right there. There’s so many people complaining about how bad they have it, and then there’s this guy, born with no ligaments except half an arm, and he’s accomplishing goals that even “normal” people can’t achieve. Absolutely Amazing!!
    You’re awesome Clay Dyer!!

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