Spinnerbait Bass Lesson with Kevin VanDam Fishing Video Bass Pro Shops

Spinnerbait Fishing With Kevin VanDam

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  1. Austmug28 says:

    it just means he respects fish of all sizes

  2. trailerparklifez says:

    Bass fisher logic: put on 40lb test and reel in as fast as i can

  3. ipodtouchacker says:

    i always reel straight in and catch a ton but some times i only get a few. im going to start changing it up to get some more

  4. Matthew Sheats says:

    yes u want to make it very iradic

  5. jman8701 says:

    ya kvd is da best niggas

  6. Moveslikebernie11 says:

    @netefrog When I got into bait casting left jaded reels were more popular for flipping and pitching but since I’m left handed I can still use left handed bait casting reels for flipping, pitching, and normal casting, I’ve never had to use a right handed fishing reel, spinning or bait casting

  7. Cryton12345 says:

    Like if you agree

  8. Cryton12345 says:

    I wander if he ever fell off the boat when he try’s to set the fish

  9. SuperFisherboy12 says:

    Its better to put a grub on the back. Its makes it look more realistic.

  10. netefrog says:

    Did you watch the video????

  11. JRN7447 says:

    Should you give a spinnerbait action? i just am trying to get into spinnerbaits so idk

  12. danielson8586 says:

    CHECK OUT REGO TACKLE ON EBAY!!! Search keywords: Rego Tackle. CHEAP WORM RIGS!!!

  13. dcenate2011 says:

    I made it 10

  14. netefrog says:

    Me too. I think most of us who got into baitcasting once upon a time had no other choice but to conform to right handed reels because left handed reels weren’t really a popular option. I couldn’t imagine fishing a left handed casting reel any more than I could imagine fishing with a right handed spinning reel….

  15. rabbtharp says:

    I just tied o a cheap eagle claw for a trailer hook

  16. wibass2k12 says:

    hey come check out my channel for a 21 in smallmouth

  17. TheSouthernboy6 says:

    go kevin your the best, go catch em wooohhooo

  18. DontAName says:

    Alright, thanks! Helps a lot!

  19. fishinginmichigan says:

    I wouldn’t, fish can see it in clear water. But if you have pike or muskie were your fishing and you don’t want to lose your lure and it might change the action of the spinner bait

  20. FishTheNorth says:

    I just started making fishing videos like this. Im thinking of doing informational as well but need more subscribers. Subscribe to help me out. Thanks!

  21. MrSWAGMAN72 says:


  22. MrTHECRAZY17 says:

    i put trebles on fer trailer hooks

  23. troyhopson says:

    Depends on how old you are in pretty much every state, usually above the age of 17-18, yes.

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